Killeen Hanson

Sway Zine

  • Design
  • Editing
  • Art Direction
  • Editorial

↑ Because Sway is such an experimental publication and something that changes so drastically from issue to issue, Rory and I wanted the site to reflect this idea and something that would change and evolve its aesthetic with each issue.

↑ We built a standard template that could essentially be skinned to reflect each issue so as you browse the site, the text and colors change depending on what issue you are viewing. Because Sway does not have a traditional logo or masthead, we developed a system where the logotype changes fonts for each issue in the same vein that the typography changes per issues. We wanted a site that would feel fluid and ever-changing much like the process of designing the actual magazine leaving the standard pages—about, contact, etc.—almost “undesigned” letting the issue pages be the focus of the site.

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