I'm happy to provide writing samples of both my professional and personal writing. I have professional experience writing press releases, feature articles, grants, blog posts, and newsletters for a variety of voices. Please email me if interested.

From 2012-2014, I was Managing Editor for Pacific Northwest College of Art's UNTITLED Magazine. During that time, I wrote and edited 250+ articles, doubled readership and contributing writers, launched a new interview series with visiting artists including AA Bronson, Nina Katchadourian, Bill Deresiewicz, and Iris Eichenberg ("3 Questions"), and mentored student reviewers. Links to a few representative pieces can be found below. More can be found in the UNTITLED archive.

I also teach documentary filmmaking and interviewing for film, radio, and feature through NW Documentary. Three of the student documentary projects I led have earned NW Regional Emmy Awards, and have been screened at the NW Film Festival.


PNCA Art + Science Initiative: Five-Year Art Science Partnership between NOAA Fisheries and PNCA, Conference Presentation at AICAD's Science in the Studio Conference (November 2015)
"The Art + Science Initiative represents a collaboration between NOAA Fisheries West Coast Region and Pacific Northwest College of Art (PNCA) to expand regional and national dialog around the relationship between art and science while directly supporting NOAA’s mission to protect and preserve living marine resources and their habitats throughout Washington, Oregon, California, and Idaho. Through this partnership, PNCA students engage in creative research and making and work closely with NOAA Fisheries and EPA representatives to increase public awareness of watershed and community resource issues. The Art + Science Initiative aims to engage student artists and designers in creatively addressing the pressing environmental and sustainability issues of our time and provide an opportunity for artists to have agency in shaping this discourse."


Learning in Wartime, or Why Study Art in the 21st Century?, an edit of Learning in Wartime by CS Lewis, Personal Project (October 2014)
"If our parents have sent us to art school, or if we have found our way there ourselves, and economic or national circumstance allow us to remain there, this is a prima facie evidence that the life which we, at any rate, can best lead to the greater good or to the betterment of mankind at present is the artistic life. By leading that life for the greater good I do not, of course, mean any attempt to make our creative inquiries work out to edifying conclusions. That would be, as Bacon says, to offer to the author of truth the unclean sacrifice of a lie. I mean the pursuit of knowledge and beauty, in a sense, for their own sake, but in a sense which does not exclude their being for the betterment of mankind. An appetite for these things exists in the human mind, and no appetite or impulse exists without reason. We can therefore pursue knowledge as such, and beauty as such, in the sure confidence that by so doing we are either advancing towards our hopeful vision for the world ourselves or indirectly helping others to do so."

Introductory Essay for JUNCTURE, the 2014 OCAC Thesis Exhibition Catalog (May 2014)
"To make is an essential and important vocation. In their time at OCAC, these graduates have become fluent in the language of things: of form, of function, of texture, and of heft. They have mastered craft’s rhetorical tools including, among others, material, concept, tradition, and technique. The call of the craftsman is to be a translator: to make tangible the intangible, to articulate in physical form that which we cannot articulate in language. The making of an object is, therefore, the first overture in a conversation."


How to be Neighborly: Checking In, Kinfolk Volume Seven (Summer 2013)
"By comparison, I’m guilty of long to-do lists and of putting things off so I can do them “right.” There is a small pile of letters on my desk that I have yet to respond to, one from an embarrassing thirteen months ago, because I want to write a “proper” letter. By that, I mean the kind that I imagine nineteenth-century correspondents might have exchanged. It’s an unfortunate cycle: the longer they sit unanswered, the more pressure I feel to make the response special. This, then, means they’ll sit on my desk still longer."


When Things Click: An Interview with Bobby Jones, Untitled Magazine (June 2012)
"Bobby Jones ’07 mixes music and poetry in a new, collaborative album."

Ten Questions With Eliza Fernand, Untitled Magazine (April 2012)
"Eliza Fernand '06 travels the country in search of stories about quilts and quilting."

Accumulating Movement, Untitled Magazine (April 2012)
"Takahiro Yamamoto, MFA '13, is the recipient of a high-profile scholarship to ImPulsTanz. Without exaggerating, it's a life changing opportunity."

By Her Bootstraps, Untitled Magazine (April 2012)
"For her thesis, illustration student Sarah Cloutier '12 constructs mobile 'Bootstrap' homes for the homeless population in Portland."

Day In and Day Out, Untitled Magazine (March 2012)
"With hard work and a savvy eye for Portland design, Caesy Oney '08 puts Draught Dry Goods on the map."

The Subtle Art of Capturing a Crowd, Untitled Magazine (February 2012)
"Malcolm Barber, CEO of auction house Bonhams, leads the 2012 Benefit Art Auction to benefit student scholarships."

Produced in Partnership, Untitled Magazine (February 2012)
"PNCA Printmaking students are collaborating with some of the field's best artists on small runs of exceptionally crafted prints."


For Something So Worthy As Scholarships, Untitled Magazine (November 2011)
"An art piece donated by Tori Bryer, co-chair of PNCA's 2012 Benefit Art Auction, is transformed into scholarship opportunities."

Building the Bike of the Future, Untitled Magazine (November 2011)
"Three Applied Craft and Design students spent their summer vacation designing the ultimate utility bike for art students."

Rhizome Features Two PNCA Alumni, Untitled Magazine (November 2011)
"PNCA grads Brenna Murphy '09 and Tabor Robak '10 are working at the "furthest reaches of technological innovation.""

An Ecology of Murals, Untitled Magazine (November 2011)
"Painting alumnus Esteban Camacho Steffensen '11 takes environmental advocacy to the streets with his murals."

A Declaration of Faith, Untitled Magazine (October 2011)
"Emily Hyde ’12, recipient of a Princess Grace Award, and Associate Professor Rose Bond, who was an award recipient as a student and who nominated Hyde, talk about art and responsibility—and about the gratitude that motivates it all."

Design/Build 2011: “I read a book one day and my whole life was changed.”, Untitled Magazine (October 2011)
"Transforming lives: incoming Applied Craft and Design students give residents of a Portland juvenile detention center a place to be among books. "

Making Art Accessible—For All, Untitled Magazine (August 2011)
"Catherine J.H. Miller '08, PNCA Painting alumna, explores conceptions and misconceptions around disability in her recent exhibition."

Samuel Rowlett ‘02 Steps Up, Untitled Magazine (August 2011)
"PNCA General Fine Arts alumnus Samuel Rowlett '02 carries on his large-scale installations with a solo show as part of STEP UP 2011 in Hartford, Connecticut."

Paul Mullowney: Master Printer, Master Educator, Untitled Magazine (August 2011)
"Master printer Paul Mullowney empowers students through a year-long artist residency at PNCA."

Art, Design, Bikes and Beer, Untitled Magazine (June 2011)
"David Boekelheide '11 melds bike and beer culture with custom light fixtures for a new bike-centric bar in North Portland."


Episode 305: OFF THE PEDESTAL, Stanford Storytelling Project (2010)
"Who is your hero? What happens when we put people on pedestals? And what happens when we take them off? This show explores looking up to people, what it means, and how it can change both them and ourselves."


Episode 216: APOCALYPSE, Stanford Storytelling Project (2009)
"The end is nigh! So we've decided to make light of it. Through humor, irony, and song, we hope this show helps our listeners to come to better terms with the Apocalypse. This is such a mind-blowing episode that it is in a record eight parts: one short story, one excerpt from a novel, two poems, one interview, one story-booth vignette, one ballad, and a correspondence with our friend Pete, on the other side."

Episode 203: TAKE IT FOR GRANITE, Stanford Storytelling Project (2009)
"When you live in a place, it's hard not to take it for granted. But the golden California landscape contains more stories than you might ever imagine, and this week we have two stories and one poem set in the high Sierra Nevada. First, two travelers spend five days retracing the historic trail of the Buffalo Soldiers from the Presidio of San Francisco to Yosemite and Sequoia National Parks. Second, a portrait of backcountry life in Yosemite today, and the adventures of the summer mountain folk. Third, a poem by Stegner fellow Peter Kline about a wild California tree. And in this podcast, a supplemental interview between Kline and Storytelling Poetry Editor, Elizabeth Bradfield."


Shake Girl, written, illustrated and produced collaboratively with The Stanford Graphic Novel Project (2008)
Find out more about the Stanford Graphic Novel Project.


The Emperor's New Clothes, written and illustrated in collaboration with Kellie Brownell (2006)
Funded by an Artist's Grant from the Associated Student of Stanford University (ASSU).